Bloggers Summit G7
11:00 –17:00 / Berlin
24.09.22 / Saturday
59,50 €
inFluencer-Marketing Conference
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Conference in Berlin about inFluencer-Marketing and how the blogging industry works, what rules to play in this game and which side to be on - advertiser, marketer or blogger

Over 6 millions Russian speaking people live in Germany of permanent or on temporary basis

Despite of full integration, the most of them still prefer to follow Russian speaking blogger and follow their recommendations and advice for a variety of purchasing decisions

Only our networking has more than 100 Micro and Macro inFluencer

We bring the most of them together to share experiences about inFluencer-Marketing in Germany

Bloggers Summit G7
500 000
Ads Reach

Brands are finding it increasingly difficult to attract attention in the Internet. Meantime the company's inFluencer marketing budgets increase every year. This is the New Normal and influencer marketing is becoming a favorite among digital marketers and business owners.

Influencer Agencies Advertisers Partners Society Knowledge Networking
Who will be at the Blogger Summit in Berlin?
The audience that gets to know you personally
Among the speakers, special guests and participants of the conferences there will be bloggers with varying degrees of popularity. They run Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, do podcasts and promote on LinkedIn. Among them, you can meet potential ambassadors of your brand or just those whose audience you are interested in advertising
Representatives of agencies and marketers working with influencers. They are also looking for new partners and interesting products for potential cooperation
SMM and marketing specialists, copywriters, photographers and videographers, designers, producers, etc.
All these people are local and live in Germany
Active audience from Germany
Young entrepreneurs and residents of Germany who are interested in useful communication and new opportunities. Maybe these are your potential clients?
Why you should become a sponsor?
Influencer Marketing Conference is the perfect platform to position your brand within our network of marketing professionals
Lead Generation
Get new highly-engaged contacts who have shown a real interest in your brand

Brand Awareness

Get your brand in-front of new potential partners, customers or bloggers and showcase your products or solutions
Your company can mingle with the community and create valuable relationships
Who else will know about you?
Coverage of advertising companies
~ 500 000 people

Conference announcements in targeted ads., on the website and in social networks of bloggers

— Your company logo with a link to your homepage in the "Partners" section on our website

— Giveaway in social networks with your product, service or gift certificate (including your company @mention)

– Prizes for speakers and giveaway at the conference on your behalf

— everything what START includes

— 1 place for your Roll-Up at the conference (80х200). Example Roll-Up
— 1 ticket for the conference
— Your company logo on the press-wall
— everything what START includes

— 1 place for your stand at the conference. Example for your stand
— 2 ticket for the conference
— Your company logo on the press-wall

— Announcement of the partner's participation in the event on Misha Bur YouTube channel and Instagram

— 10 second cutscene with your brand in the after-conference video

— Your product and company presentation from the stage during the event

— Your logo on badges of participants and speakers

— Your logo on the notebooks we are preparing for the participants


Misha BUR, blogger, YouTube silver button owner, Bloggers Summit G7 conference founder

I decided to bring together all participants in the Influencer industry on one platform:

- well-known micro and macro bloggers,
- marketing experts and representatives of Influencer Marketing and SMM agencies,
- and German companies that are already use Influence Marketing or are just planning to start.

Let's find out how the influencer market works in Germany: how much it costs and how effective it is.

Let's listen to successful cases and find out how to perform more effective with Influencer Marketing.

I invite you to join the Influencer-Marketing conference.

See you in Berlin on September 24th!


How to work with bloggers to promote your company in the best way

Not always quantity plays a key role. Influencer marketers and social media agencies charge high fees for recruiting bloggers who will bring in new clients without ruining your reputation. How it works in real life - in expert lectures

Bloggers and Taxes in Germany

What taxes you have to pay if you become a blogger? What does cooperation with bloggers look like in terms of taxes? What to deal with gifts, bonuses, barter, so that everyone benefits?

Copyright Media in Germany: more than just NEWS

In the modern world, bloggers are becoming a new type of media. They are more mobile, faster, more relevant and are not afraid to speak the truth.

Successful case: how to turn news blog into a recognizable brand, modern media with a team of 20 people and your own office. And compete with the giants.

Misha Bur
Kids Blogging

Teenagers grew up with gadgets in their hands. It is easy for them to be in the virtual space. How to understand that a teenager's blog is not a waste, but an investment of time and money? Case of father-investor and son-blogger

Marcell Korchukov
Comedy Blog

Who and how creates videos that are impossible to tear yourself away from? And how are blogs grown on vines? It would seem that there is no benefit, only an increase in mood and an endless "share with friends." But this mechanism can bring not only subscribers, but also money.

Lubov' aka Tykowkaaa

Expert blog: how to monetize knowledge

Podcasts, expert articles on Patreon, telegram channel, instagram, closed paid groups and mailing lists. How to become TOP-3 SMM-specialists in the Russian-speaking segment and monetize your knowledge.

And also: how modern Digital-marketing works in Russia, Ukraine and Europe.


SPEAKER line-up

7 Experts
Misha BUR

Blogger, author and host of the "News in Germany" channel, owner of the silver YouTube button


Author of the Gurov.Digital podcast, smm marketing teacher, digital nomad, founder of Tallinn DigitalWeek, blogger. The portfolio includes cases of Carlsberg, Microsoft, etc.


Mom blog with 2.7 million followers on TikTok and 116K on Instagram


Producer of Ilya Varlamov's YouTube channel with over 3.7 million subscribers


Founder of Black SMM digital agency. Agency No. 1 in Ukraine according to IT-rating in 2021. Creator of an online school of digital professions and speaker at numerous conferences


Licensed tax consultant in Germany. Helps with the establishment and registration of a business, bookkeeping and preparation of tax reports for entrepreneurs, as well as tax returns for individuals. Protects the interests of clients in the tax service and in the financial court

Ticket sales will open soon. Follow the announcements!

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